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Our Projects

>Facility Plant Monitoring System as..

  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Waste Water Treatment Plant
  • Boiler & Auto Clave Plant
  • Chiller & HVAC Plant
  • Energy Management System

Contact1 ,Mb.081 6360363

Contact2 Mb.086 3265818


>Environmental Monitoring Syetm

  • BOD/COD Online
  • CEMs Online
  • AQMS & Solar Radiation

Contact1 ,Mb.081 6145070 

>Education Traning Set

Contact1 ,Mb.081 4535962

  • Basic Instruments Traning Set
  • Multi Process Control Plant Model
  • (Flow/Level/Pressure/Temperature)
  • Mechatronics Control Plant Model
  • Energy Management Plant Model
  • Remote I/O Interfacing Computer
  • Autoview SCADA Software

>Central Monitoring & Control

  • Pump Station Control
  • Environment Monitoring
  • Flood Monitoring System
  • Street Lighting Contro
  • Green Energy Station 

The Company in brief  

We are professionals for Monitoring System Solutions complete with SCADA, Industrial PC, RTU,Remote I/O,Converter &Instruments Sensor.

Automation Hunter Co.,Ltd. was founded in June 1995 in Bangkok Thailand. We have many years of experience in Electrical, Instruments Control & Computer science engineering team.

One Stop Service Solution for Monitoring System  
SCADA Software  
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Industrial Panel PC,Box PC
Remote I/O & Converter

Flow ,Level ,Pressure
Temperature ,Humidity ,Analyzer

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Facility & Energy Monitoring Solution with PC & Instrumentation  ,

RTU <--> Center Monitoring & Control :DMA, Air/Water Quality & Lighting  :  ,

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